BriefaBarrister allows visitors to register a request for legal help that is then distributed to chambers across the country who can contact them to help with their enquiry.

BriefaBarrister is a complex web site with a simple, fast and efficient user experience. There are multiple types of users and accounts, complex workflows, a large directory for browsing and searching and online purchasing.

With three different types of user and many roles for each, the secure section of the site was a complex implementation and involved a number of workshops and wireframe prototyping with the client to develop the best solution.

The software as multiple integrations to provide the required functionality including with Stripe for payments and SendGrid for emails.


SendGrid Integration

BriefaBarrister takes advantage of the transactional email capabilities of SendGrid to manage the large volumes the software needs to send throughout the enquiry workflow. This also means we can use the campaign features to talk to the users and customers of BriefaBarrister and gain excellent feedback on how effective those emails are.


An elegant solution for credit card payments.


Stripe Integration

The site needed an online payment solution and after some research Stripe was found to offer the perfect solution. We required the process to be simple and seamless and happen (or appear to happen) on the site itself.

With clients such as Kickstarter, Shopify, Lyft, Pinterest and Slack we knew we were in safe hands when it's trusted by some of the biggest players on the web.

Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Stripe Web Site

Using the Stripe API and widget allowed us to process payments in the most secure manner on Stripe's servers whilst at the same time without having to redirect the user off to another web site which can be confusing for users.