Based in Worcestershire in the UK, Blue Sun Digital create websites and small business applications using cloud software and Umbraco. Whatever you need we can build it in an efficient and effective manner for a real return on your investment.

Web Sites

We build web sites that range in size from small five page brochure sites right through to large complex sites with thousands of pages and many custom features and integrations.

Small sites can be kept in budget using cloud based services with themes and templates. For that unique result we can create a beautiful custom design and develop complex site architectures using our Open Source CMS of choice, Umbraco.


Not all web sites and applications live in their own little World, many need to talk to external services and APIs and we understand the language they speak.

We have experience integrating with Stripe, PayPal, DPS, Xero, SendGrid, MailChimp, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft CRM and many others. We can talk to anything with an API available to ensure your web site is dynamic and takes advantage of all your company's content - wherever it lives!


The applications we develop are cloud software used to help run small to medium sized businesses. The software is secured behind a login and focused on tasks, workflows and process to help your company achieve its goals. They often integrate with other back-office systems such as accounting or CRM software.

An example could be a piece of software for an IT services firm that allows them to manage all the jobs that come in, manage their customers and schedule tasks to engineers while integrating to Xero for invoicing. We have in fact built an application exactly like this!


Sometimes selling on the web is hard and can attract large amounts of time and budget - just ask Amazon. However, it can also be done very efficiently using some of the excellent cloud based offerings.

We are a huge fan of Shopify where implementation can vary from simple embedding of products on your existing website using Shopify to checkout to a full Shopify website and online store. It's a fantastic way to test the water with selling your products without breaking the bank but can develop into a powerful, feature-rich online store.


If you don't have any specific projects lined up we also offer a consultancy service on various aspects of digital. For example, we can provide Business Analysis and Project Management services if you need help focusing and developing a new project or managing an existing or upcoming one.

Or perhaps you simply need some independent, professional advice from somebody who has been in the industry for 15 years and built some of the leading web sites in New Zealand.

SEO & Health Checks

We can review your web site using a combination of tools to provide advice on how you could improve your SEO and better utilise your digital options.

Remember, when you launch a new web site that's not "job done", it’s just the beginning…


If your new web site requires hosting we can provide that service using our cloud-based virtual servers.

Alternatively, we can help you source and setup your own hosting.