Shoe Science Client Profile System

Shoe Science Client Profile System

As part of the excellent service Shoe Science offers they gather information about a customer's foot profile in order to provide a better service in recommending the right shoes. Blue Sun Digital helped with this process by providing an application used throughout their stores to manage their customer details.

Previously using an ageing Microsoft Access database Shoe Science needed an application that would add value for their clients and help their staff.

Customer information is stored in a profile that allows staff to see the history of the relationship with the client including their video fitting details, any referral information and their shoe history.

Blue Sun Digital have built a client database for us and a website. All their work is of the highest standard. In fact I have been blown away with the accuracy, professionalism and standard of work.

Craig Taylor, Owner SHOE SCIENCE

Building the application involved analysing their existing system, their current paper-based process and determining the gaps in requirements to produce a customised application perfect for the Shoe Science process and clients.

Continual updates and feature development have ensured the application keeps up with the business and modern technology. Recently the user interface was over-hauled to provide a great experience on iPad which technicians use with clients in some of the stores.

Shoe Science is Blue Sun Digital's longest running client with a relationship of over 10 years - when the application was first developed, iPads didn't even exist!


The Shoe Science web site seamlessly hooks in to their client database to add real value for both clients and Shoe Science staff.

Reporting KPIs

Capturing data is of course only part of the story. With extensive reporting Shoe Science are able to analyse customer information to help make crucial decisions, drive the business and provide a better service to their customers.


Targeted Marketing

Nobody likes spam email so marketing campaigns can be targeted to provide real value to customers ensuring they are happy with the service and return to the stores for their shoes time and again.




Loyalty Scheme

A key requirement of the software off the back of capturing data to better service their customers was the ability to implement a loyalty scheme. Shoe Science Ambassador Rewards are an integral part of the Client Profile System allowing Shoe Science to reward their loyal customers.


Web Site Integration

The loyalty scheme provided by the CPS also integrates into the Shoe Science web site allowing new customers to join and get a free gift on their first purchase. The software also has a built in, custom, content management system (CMS) allowing Shoe Science administrators to add content such as news articles to the web site.