Top 5 Reasons to Use Umbraco

We think Umbraco is the best CMS choice out there - here are five reasons why you should use Umbraco for your next project.

1) Design & Development Without Limitation

Umbraco allows you to design and develop with complete freedom, everything is possible, nothing is restricted. This is because Umbraco is a CMS framework that allows you to create the perfect solution completely customised to your unique requirements. No two businesses are the same so it makes sense that each business has different needs from a CMS and Umbraco supports that with gusto.


2) Content Editors Love It

Launching a site is just the beginning of your online digital presence, to make it successful your web site needs nurturing and time spent on it to fully reach its potential. "Content is (still) King" so creating and managing the pages in your site should be as nice experience as it is for the customers to use the front-end.

Umbraco provides a powerful media tool for managing your files and cropping your images.

The Umbraco back-office excels in this regard with a beautiful, simple, yet powerful editing experience. Having used many CMS over the last 20 years we know that content editors can often have a rough ride in this regard but Umbraco is probably the best user interface we've come across.

And, naturally, it's responsive so you can manage the site on your phone or tablet if you wish.


3) Open Source

Open Source means no licence costs and free updates for the life of the project. Some competitor CMS have costs extending into many thousands of dollars for licencing alone.

With no licence costs, Umbraco allows you to spend your money where it counts - delivering the best product and user experience for your customers.

However, there is still a business behind Umbraco so you get the benefits of a professionally developed and supported CMS without the licencing fees.

We love making editors smile. Not just to make their day-to-day job more delightful, but also because a happy editor significantly increases the frequency by which content gets edited and renewed in your project.

Umbraco Team


4) The Umbraco Community

Umbraco has a great team of developers but I think even they would admit that it's the Umbraco community that makes using Umbraco as a developer a special experience. With over 220,000 active members of the community you can be sure you can get help when you really need it and whatever you're trying to build there's a good chance someone has built something like it or has some friendly helpful advice.

Those same community members have produced 320 free Umbraco packages to add functionality at the click of a button to your CMS and web site.


When you choose Umbraco you are not alone, it now has over 440,000 installations Word-Wide and a active community of 220,000 members.

5) Proven Quality

When you choose Umbraco you are not alone, it now has over 440,000 installations Word-Wide and is used by many leading companies such as Microsoft, Costa, Peugeot, Heinz.

It's also built on the Microsoft .Net stack which means a reliable and simple development and hosting structure.